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Dr James Stoxen DC President of Team Doctors

Team Doctors combines chiropractic care, therapy, active rehabilitation and strength training for athletes and non athletes in a private rehab training center. Team Doctors has a physiotherapy center and an active rehabilitation and training center is equipped to treat, train and advise these top athletes and entertainers. Dr Stoxen and his staff have been rehabilitating patients for numerous musculoskeletal conditions as well as personally trained athletes to compete and win national or world championships.

Team Doctors Treatment Center President is Dr. James Stoxen, D.C,. Dr. Stoxen is a sought after speaker internationally lecturing at medical CME / ACME accredited conferences around the world.

Treatment and Active Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Complaints

Dr James Stoxen DC Explaining A Gait Analysis

Team Doctors has a treatment and active rehabilitation center.

Dr. Stoxen treats musculoskeletal complaints including foot pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sprained ankles, ankle pain, calf pain, calf cramps, poor circulation, shin splints, knee pain, chondromalacia patella, chronically pain, TFL conditions, illiotibial band syndrome, hip pain, chronic low back pain, herniated discs that don’t heal, pars fractures, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, mid back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff syndrome, elbow conditions, wrist conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ conditions, thoracic outlet syndrome, neuralgia, chronic headaches, rib injuries, traumatic injuries, and more.

Email us with any questions you may have regarding your particular condition and we will respond as quickly as possible teamdoctors@aol.com

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